As a life-long Hampton Roads resident and long time pet owner, I will care for your pets while you work, travel or play. I offer personalized pet visits including walking, feeding, playing, overnight stays, medications as instructed and LOTS of love and attention. All of this allows your pet to remain in his or her comfortable and familiar environment. I offer special care and discounts for elderly or ill clients who are unable to walk their special pet.

I am an animal lover and treat animals as a loving owner would.  Pets will not be cared for by a rotation of people I employ.  I will personally care for your pets myself and will send you an email or text after each visit or as preferred.  Upon rare exception, I will let you know if another pet sitter will be doing a visit (I am part of a network of trusted pet sitters in our area).  I've been in business since 2010 since retiring from my corporate job of 30 years.

For your peace of mind, I am LICENSED, BONDED, INSURED and a certified member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.

Why hire a daily pet sitter/dogwalker while you are at work?

  • Some dogs cannot hold their urine as long as others. For example very young, aged or those with certain illnesses.
  • Dogs are very social animals.  Leaving them alone for long periods can actually cause them to become aggressive, depressed and weaken their immune system.
  • Perhaps you need to work late or run errands after work. Having a pet sitter provide a break during the day allows you that extra time.
  • Dogs need to expend some energy during the long day you are away at work.  It makes for a much calmer pet when you return.
  • No Imposition. You don’t have to impose on a friend, neighbor or relative to care for your pet, but instead rely on a pet care professional who will put you pet’s needs first.
  • Most importantly, your pet receives love and personal attention while you are away.
Norfolk, Virginia pet sitting
Steve Douglas, Owner